Thermal Solution Fever Screening: The New Normal

With the reality of social distancing due to COVID-19, the need for safety measures has increased ten-fold. Society is very concerned about the spread of infection and contacting the virus. In the new environment, innovative and accessible thermal detection technology is a necessity.

Thermal systems are widely deployed in airports, commercial buildings, and public transport stations in many countries. Thermal body cameras proved to be an efficient, non-contact tool to screen individuals with elevated body temperature for further virus-specific diagnostic tests, which helps to reduce the spread of infections. Although these thermal cameras cannot detect or diagnose COVID-19 or other diseases, they can use it as the first line of defence.

Thermal camera

Face recognition is integrated into the terminal which allows program all users into the software. This allow workers to log when they enter and to be load onto a whitelist. Which can integrate with access control systems to allow or deny certain users into areas.

So that increase security at these workplaces. Custom adverts it’s a great facility that cycle through when the terminal is idle, it’s also used to remind others of social distance measures.

What is Thermal Temperature Measurement?

Thermal cameras are thermal imaging radiometric detection and thermal measurement systems, designed for non-contact screening. The camera is high accuracy, ±0.3°C , high resolution, and multi-person measurement system.

Cameras can measure multiple people from a distance of 10 to 16 feet away and within a span of 4.3 feet. That’s enable quick assessment without personal contact. This remote way of monitoring possible signs of infection reduces the risk of further contamination without using intrusive measures.

Why Thermal Solution is important in Today’s COVID-19 Climate?

The worldwide pandemic has created uncertainty for businesses around the globe, particularly as they prepare to return to operations. As a result, the demand for thermal cameras is unprecedented. These discreet, efficient, and non-contact cameras are a helpful way to screen employees, customers, vendors, and others. To ensure their personal safety while restoring business confidence.

In between social distancing protocols, a thermal body temperature camera is an essential tool for measuring temperatures in a short amount of time when speed and accuracy are crucial. Public health experts believe that temperature screening equipment will become a staple of public life in our new reality.

Alertwatch can prepare you for The New Normal

With the world changing on an hourly basis, the time for infection prevention through fever detection is now. With many states, cities, schools, and businesses resuming operation, careful and safe preparation is extremely important.

Alertwatch can offer any thermal solutions from a standalone system handheld camera to a more advanced contact free walk through detector which will allow you to easily detect body temperature of anyone walking through.

Contact us today 01 6896390 to learn more about this technology and how you can incorporate it into your workplace.

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