The Importance of Fire Alarm System

Why Should You Install a Fire Alarm System in Your Business?

A fire in a workplace should be detected quickly and a warning given so that people can escape safely. With fire alarm an early discovery and warning will increase the time available for escape and enable people to evacuate safely before the fire takes hold and blocks exit routes or makes escape difficult.

Fire Alarm Systems

Prompt Fire Detection

The key reason why people install devices like smoke detectors is to sense a fire in its initial stages. In workplace where fire could develop for some time before being discovered. It’s important to protect vital escape routes, particularly staircases, with fire-resisting constructions which may include fire-resisting doors.

Connect the Fire Alarm System to the local fire department, to notify and require them for immediate response. With early detection comes quick response, reducing potential damage or damage to life. Automatic fire detectors or smoke alarms do not remove the need to provide a means for people to manually raise a fire warning. Also this will be essential in the majority of workplaces.

Prevent Smoke Inhalation

In most cases, smoke inhalation is the cause for fire-related deaths. A mix of chemicals, particles, smoke, and gases can cause complications from respiratory distress, skin irritation or even swelling to airway collapse. If not detected on time, smoke inhalation can lead to suffocation and sometimes to death.

A Fire Alarm will enable occupants of a building to head for safety before they are exposed to smoke. And/Or other dangerous substances that can be found in commercial or industrial areas.

Reduce Property Damage

Detecting fire in early stages allows your fire protection to get to work fast. However, sometimes a sprinkler system isn’t enough, so an early warning detection. And alarm system helps firefighters arrive quickly and put out a fire before it causes significant damage.

Discount on Insurance for Your Premises

Installing a fire alarm system shows that you are responsible and prepared. In case of fire, the alarm system will activate your protection, helping reduce the amount of damage on your property and valuables. Instant notification to firefighters can help control the fire before it spreads, minimizing the amount of insurance claim.

In many places it is required by law to have these systems in place. Check with your local Authority having jurisdiction to ensure you’re meeting all the fire and building requirements, and see if your insurance company will give you discounts for having the right fire protection.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance and Testing

Preventative Maintenance is critical and essential for even the best designed and installed equipment. Just as the most reliable and best engineered car is only as reliable as the quality and regularity of the servicing it receives, so are electronic system such as sound and fire detection. Regular maintenance will minimise system breakdown, improve system performance, extend service life and even reduce insurance premiums.

Contact Alertwatch Security today for a site survey. Our initial visit starts with a Fire Risk Assessment, this involves a comprehensive assessment of the building. Based on the results of the assessment we can then design, install or replace any fault fire alarm equipment to ensure the building complies with Fire Regulations. We then develop an ongoing maintenance plan in accordance with your requirements and relevant regulations.

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