The Steps for CCTV Installation

The installation of a CCTV system might seem overwhelming at first but with expert guidance, you can integrate the product in your home with precision. Our team at Alert Watch has significant experience in the CCTV installation process, and in this latest post, we’ll present our guide to expert installation work.

First, choose the right spot

The most important stage of the installation process is planning. Make sure you choose the right spot to install the camera. The camera should be installed in an area from which most entry points are visible. There should be a power socket in close proximity.

Mounting the camera

Next, place the camera at the desired height and make guide marks around the unit for the drilling process. Drill the holes in the marked spots, place the camera carefully over the drill holes and then hammer in the screw moldings for the device. Then you can screw the camera into place and begin inserting the power cable into the camera.

Placing your DVR

The DVR recording all on-camera activity should be placed in a locked box away from the camera unit. Make sure it’s in a secure room to which you have regular access. The DVR should be relatively simple to install, with most requiring simple power access to begin.

Cable installation

Now you must plan the route from the camera to the DVR. Use wire moldings to keep the wires safe as you guide them through walls and other building structures. Now you can connect the system. First, remove about 1.5 centimeters of the outer covering from the video cable. This should expose the wire braids. You can then slide the crimping barrel into the cable, making sure the wider diameter is facing toward the end of the cable. Next, remove the white insulator that covers the interior of the cable. You can then insert the exposed cables into the BNC port and screw the crimping barrel in. Finally, connect the DVR output to the screen on which you require the video feed.

Powering on

Now you’re ready to power on the system. Start by switching the cameras on, followed by the display then the DVR. Go over each camera feed to ensure the camera is working as required.

If you have any questions on which CCTV system to buy and want us to install call our trusted team at Alert Watch today. To learn more about your security options, contact us directly.

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