Security Tips for Small Business

Security tips

Are you protecting your business? Check below a few security tips to protect your business.

  • Install an Intruder Alarm as a basic level level of security to ensure criminals are aware that your property is protected.
  • Install a great Access Control System, that will provide security by restricting access to certain areas within your business. Overall this will restrict who enters through a door, turnstile, gate, barrier etc. A basic system coupled with an intercom will allow just authorised person enter an area via their fob, pin code, card etc but unauthorised person will have to request to enter the area via the intercom.
  • Install a High Definition CCTV camera to monitor people entering, exiting and passing nearby your building. Alertwatch offers the highest quality technology ensuring you the best protection possible. Additionally our expert team carefully design each CCTV camera to best meet your specifications within your budget.
  • Install LED Security Lighting around the building and in the car park. As a result, this make it difficult for criminals to hide in darkness.
  • Timed internal lights can throw criminals off as they will not know who is in the building and when. If you change the time schedules up regularly they will not be able to establish a pattern.
  • Keep a record of all highly valuable office equipment including serial numbers.
  • Write a security policy and enter it into the employee handbook. This should include: areas with limited access, visitor restrictions, a policy for removal of company property, and a plan with steps to take in the event that a violent or threatening incident occurs.

Don’t compromise on security!

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