Protect Your Home with CCTV When You’re Not There

Security Cameras are now widely used by home owners to protect your home with CCTV while they are away. Once installed and connected to your broadband, you can just tap your iphone and view your CCTV System.

Quite a lot of home owners are now installing a text dialler or voice dialler as an addition to their alarm systems, this negates the need for central monitoring on your alarm. So when your alarm is triggered, a text or a call is made to your phone and you can then view your cameras and determine whether it’s a genuine alarm activation or not.

Most people now install Infra-red cameras which will see in darkness up to a certain distance depending on the specification of the camera. The infra red on a camera operates similar to a torch in complete darkness, so if it is bouncing off objects you will get a better result from your camera in complete darkness. The best way to ensure you get the best performance from your cameras at night time is to have a number of security lights installed, low wattage is fine so you don’t end up replacing bulbs all the time.

The best location for your CCTV recorder is to securely locate it in the attic, however this sometimes can be cumbersome to access, if so in most cases a cable can be extended for a TV and also for the mouse which controls all functions on the CCTV recorder, you can then operate the system with the mouse at the relevant TV.

For homes dome Cameras are normally the preferred choice of camera and are normally installed on the soffit of the house, however most dome cameras are 3-axis and can be mounted flat on the house if required. When choosing a CCTV camera it is important to choose one that has an adjustable lens, this will enable you to choose your desired view from your camera, if you opt for fixed lens camera it will be cheaper but once the camera is mounted you will not be able to adjust the view of the camera.

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