Back at work? Here’s how to keep your home safe

The rise of the internet makes securing your home easier than ever. All security system can be set up for remote access with a mobile app. As a result you can see in real time from any location in the world.

Security System app

Aside from installing an Intruder system, there’s a range of ways to make your home safer. Consider each possible entry point to your home, such as doors and windows, to see how they could be improved.

Ask yourself:

  • Is it obvious when you’re on holiday or away from home?
  • Are windows and doors left open, even if they’re not easily accessible?
  • Do your windows and doors have visible locks?
  • Is there a spare key that’s easily visible, or easy to find, such as underneath a plant pot or above ledge on the door?
  • Do you have high walls and hedges, which could give intruders protection from being seen?
  • Are there any ladders lying around that a burglar could use?
  • How secure is the shed or garage? Is it always kept locked with high-quality padlocks and security locks?

By taking some simple precautions you can reduce the risk of being burgled. Also increase the security of your home and garden and make life more difficult for any would-be intruders.

1. Secure the doors and windows

Install an Intruder Alarm and protect your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And you can be alerted on your phone if an intruder has been detected in your home.

In Ireland most home alarm system are wired for perimeter type alarm, i.e. all of the vulnerable windows are protected with vibration shock sensors. Protect the doors with contact/shock sensors and the back up the perimeter alarm system with passive infrared motion detectors .

2. Light up your home

Set a light timer switches when you out; Criminals don’t like to be in the spotlight.

Thieves seek cover and concealment when committing a crime at night and lighting up the front of your home will only help to make your home a harder target. Not only will you make intruders skittish, you’ll also cut down your risk of a stumble on your way up the front steps.

3. Lock down your Wi-Fi network

Your home wireless network is a doorway to your personal and financial information. If your Wi-Fi network is connect to smart home gadgets or your security system, it could give criminals direct access to your home.

Generally speaking,use this tips and tricks to keep hackers off your home network: Secure your wireless router; Enable WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 encryption; Rename and hide your home network; Use a firewall, install antivirus and anti-malware protection; Create strong passwords.

4. Set up a Security System to monitor your home

Install a great CCTV system. Our expert, Hikvision, introduced the new ColorVu Turbo HD technology. This new version transmits vivid color imaging 24 hours a day, with a brightness and clarity not seen before in CCTV camera systems. All security cameras can be set up for remote access with a mobile app, so you can see footage in real time from any location in the world and store it if you need.

Being aware of potential security risks and taking action early is the best way to keep your home and loved ones safe.

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