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A sense of safety is one of the most basic human needs, and that goes for both personal and property safety. And this is exactly why people install security systems in their homes and businesses. 

Compared to conventional sensor-based alarm systems, a video-based security system that utilizes cameras has several advantages: the ability to watch events in real-time over the live feed, capture critical data around those events, and provide solid and accurate evidence for law enforcement.

AcuSense technology adds a touch of intelligence to Hikvision’s popular cameras and video recorders, making them perfect for an accessible and intelligent security system. Based on deep learning technology, AcuSense helps you focus on human and vehicle events in two ways: alarms will only trigger when the pre-set type of intrusion takes place, and video footage is sorted by target-type categories for easier searching through recorded footage. Strobe light and audio alarms serve as virtual security guards, protecting users from potential risks by warding off intruders. When emergencies occur, related videos are classified into human and vehicle categories for quick search and retrieval.

Take your security to the next level

Hikvision’s AcuSense technology embeds deep-learning algorithms into security cameras and video recorders to equip businesses and homeowners with smart tools to take security to the next level, both indoors and outdoors.

How does AcuSense work?

AcuSense technology uses advanced machine vision AI algorithms built into Hikvision security cameras and video recorders to boost home and business security. Check the diagram below for details.

How does AcuSense work diagram

Where to use AcuSense

Different locations to use Hikvision AcuSense

Our customers use Hikvision AcuSense-enabled products for a wide range of residential and business applications, for instance…

>> Homes
>> Warehouses
>> Shops
>> Restaurants / Bars
>> And more

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