Have you heard about Cloud CCTV?

Cloud CCTV

Cloud CCTV is a video surveillance system and service which allows you to capture, store and manage visual data using the Cloud. It securely consolidates visual data from any number of CCTV systems into a unified, encrypted account held on secure Cloud servers . Immediately accessible to you anywhere via your browser.

How does the CCTV Cloud Storage work?

CCTV Cloud Storage utilises broadband to keep all your CCTV footage from your cameras recorded in one place and off-site on secure servers.

Some cameras can be connected directly to the service but in most instances we use an adaptor. Also buffers the CCTV footage depending on the broadband available. Then if the broadband fails the adaptor can store hours upon hours of footage and upload the footage. When the broadband is back intact, this makes this CCTV Cloud storage extremely robust.

From a user point of view, we will supply you with login details and all you need to do is download the Alertwatch App. You can opt for a 7 days, 30 days or 12 months cloud storage package. In order to the app allow you to remotely view any motion-based activities that occur on your CCTV. Cameras and also login and view live CCTV footage if you wish. While this can be accessed at any given time and anywhere in the world.

Cloud Storage

At Alertwatch Security, we have partnered up with Videoloft to provide this Cloud Storage Service. And we continue to grow and expand our services alongside the leaders in technology. Videoloft is a centralized cloud video surveillance platform, compatible with major security camera brands. That allows remote access to live and recorded video at up to 4k (8MP) resolution via the Videoloft Apple and Android apps or web viewer. Videoloft provides secure offsite storage for CCTV footage and is a feature-rich solution. With features such as video analytics, motion or AI powered alerts. Multi-users permissions, allowing to upgrade basic CCTV systems to intelligent ones.

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