CCTV Systems for Hotels in Ireland

Something that most of us take for granted when we stay in hotels anywhere is that they are secure, efficiently protected environments. In the CCTV/Security industry, however, we know for a fact that this is not always necessarily the case. What is vitally important from the hotel’s perspective is that they are providing a secure, controlled environment for their guests while at the same time operating within the structures laid out by the data protection act and protecting the rights of their employees.
At Alertwatch, the huge depth of experience that we have built up over many years working in the CCTV/Security industry enables us to get the balance exactly right and offer complete protection to the hotel and it’s customers and employees.
An indicative, relevant example of work we have carried out recently would be the upgrade of a CCTV system for a prominent Southside Dublin Hotel. All cameras where upgraded to Full HD 1080P Cameras (Over 2 million pixels) which provided the customer with CCTV Cameras of over 5 times greater resolution than the previously installed cameras. No new cabling was required for the installation, all the older coaxial cable could be re-used. The 32 cameras were installed within a 24 hour time period.

Having spoken to the hotel manager we knew that budget and project spend was a concern so when we explained that the upgrade process could be completed without a complete overhaul and replacement of the existing cabling the customer they were happy to proceed.

The brief here was, as always, to install a managed CCTV system and develop an environment in which both staff and visitors feel secure and protected at all times. We are able to equip hotels in a focused, constructive manner with the tools that will help them deal effectively with any potential security breaches or issues. Specifically, we can use our installed CCTV systems to:

a) Provide an effective intruder detection mechanism.
b) Protect hotel property against vandalism
d) Organise controlled exit of staff/visitors in case of an emergency
e) Protect staff and guest vehicles
f) Monitor staff punctuality
g) Monitor exits and entrances
h) Create a safe, secure, recreational environment
i) Provide peace of mind for visitors
j) Protect hotel property and grounds against vandalism
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