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Remote CCTV Online – With iPhone, iPad or any android devices

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99% of all CCTV Systems i.e. a DVR or an NVR can be networked and linked to your broadband router. As a result, you will be able to view your Free software CCTV Cameras from any location in the world.

Remote Access

A lot of CCTV Installers don’t seem to know how to carry out the work required to enable a remote connection to your CCTV System. In fact lot of cases they recommend you go to an IT company which creates added expense and confusion. However with 3 parties involved this can delay the whole process considerably. And from the feedback we get, the customer ends up chasing the relevant parties in order for them to view the CCTV system online.

In first place, the process involved is quite simple and involves 3 steps. (A) Match the network settings on your DVR to the settings on your router but choose a unique IP address. (B) Connect your DVR to your router via a standard network cable and confirm they can communicate. (C) Program the router to allow outside internet traffic onto your Business or Home CCTV System.

At AlertWatch all our engineers specialise on configure remote access for you CCTV system. On the day of installation, you will have CCTV set up on any device you may have.
Each DVR/ NVR set up for online access by AlertWatch can be viewed in a number of different ways. Regardless of your type of smart device or laptop/PC, we can install any software which is aligned with our CCTV brands’ applications.

Alertwatch also provide specialised program designed for Number Plate Recognition which can be viewed Live when entering a premises on a video wall.

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