Residential CCTV

AlertWatch are PSA Licenced, NSAI Certified & BTEC Qualified for Home CCTV Installations in Ireland.

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When it comes to installing Home CCTV Systems, AlertWatch are strongly against a “one size fits all” approach. Our surveyors have over 60 years combined experience in the CCTV industry. So we are uniquely positioned to provide you with best possible domestic CCTV Camera system for you and your Family. First in the light of factoring in all your specific requirements and of course your budget. Then we will carry out a detailed survey over the phone and supply you with an immediate detailed quotation.

To point out our expert, Hikvision introduced the new ColorVu Turbo HD technology. The ColorVu cameras advances the technology to the next level. It’s more than an upgrade – It’s revolutionary technology. As a result they can install using existing coaxial cable (and other wiring, too); it’s cost-effective. Also everyone who uses it loves it for its clear, sharp imaging, high reliability, and ease of use.

To emphasize the new features and functionalities of ColorVu HD 5.0 camera, takes analog and CCTV systems into the future. In that case this new version transmits vivid color imaging 24 hours a day. Along with a brightness and clarity not seen before in CCTV camera systems. Also provide high tech security surveillance capabilities that surpass industry standards worldwide.

Residential CCTV

Another key point we install Home CCTV Systems throughout Ireland including Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Galway etc.

In the first place our high definition Dome Camera is very popular for residential CCTV customers. Then as it is a discreet camera which can be easily installed on the facia of the house. Moreover this Home CCTV Camera will provide you with a high quality colour picture day time and a clear black & white picture at night time allowing you to identify people. Also this is rate an IP66 outdoor vandal proof Dome IR Camera (Waterproof and dust proof) . Then it will see between 20 ~ 30 meters in darkness. To install the dome camera is normally on the soffit of your home but can also be installed on a flat wall as it is 3 axis

Residential CCTV

If you require a camera to view a specific area e.g. a gateway/entrance in a residential CCTV application you will require a camera with a longer range lens.

In addition we have included a video here which shows a Home CCTV camera. So that zoomed in at approximately 30 meters capturing the vehicle registration.

The H265+ Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) provides you with an instant search facility. Also can record up to 3 months CCTV footage and will automatically erase the oldest video, whilst recording the current video footage. Alertwatch DVR’s can be suit to meet a customer’s individual needs, e.g. if you require your DVR to only record when activity has occurred within the CCTV Camera view, this can be set up within the motion detection facility.Another key point our Home Security Cameras can be set up with unique settings throughout the menus on all of our Home CCTV DVR’s

In like manner all Alertwatch CCTV systems are designed for connect to a network, and all our engineers will accommodate setting up Online Remote access on day of installation. After all everything we require is a internet connection and our engineers will configure remote access. Then will allow you to view your Home CCTV cameras from work or any location around the world.  Consequently any smartphone or tablets can be used for remote access of your system. In addition we can even provide a INTERCOM or DOORBELL , which can connected with your CCTV system.

Although all our residential CCTV systems are very easy to operate. In due time we do provide full training on the day of installation and full ongoing support after the installation of your Home CCTV System.

Residential CCTV

A Sample of Our Home CCTV Cameras


This day/night camera has a 3 layer IR filter resulting in true colour reproduction.

It can be paired with any lens.

Can be used indoor or outdoor in an external heated housing.

1/3″SSNR ll Sony Super HAD CCD.


Day/night IR camera is Ideal for outdoor applications, (50ft Nightvision)


This camera will provide a very clear picture in complete darkness

2.5 – 10mm varifocal lens


Ideal for outdoor applications, (200ft Nightvision)

1/3″ Super sensitive Double Scan CCD.

Provide a very clear picture in complete darkness.

9 -” 22mm long range lens.


It can be Ideal for outdoor applications, (20-30ft Nightvision)

Vandal proof Dome IR CCTV Camera

600TVL High Resolution

1/3″ Sony Super HAD CCD.


Vandal proof Dome IR Camera (white or black)

Ideal for indoor or outdoor, will see 30 feet in complete darkness with blue long range IR’s

It’s 1/3″SONY Super HAD CCD

3.6mm lens as standard (Can be changed up to 12mm)

AL-7000 Black Hawk

7.5 – 50mm long range lens

Produces stunning video in true color during the day and pure B&W at night.

Provides a mechanical dual IR cut filter mechanism. produces 500TVL in daylight and 560TVL in low light.

150FT IR distance, optional IR-Link outputs o achieve 300ft. IR Range

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The 5 Critical Questions to ask when Purchasing a Home CCTV System

  1. CCTV technology has dramatically changed within the last 3 years. Ask for a full HD Megapixel quote. Our entry level cameras for a domestic CCTV system now display an unbelievable 4K quality.
  2. Make sure your Home CCTV Equipment is branded, that includes the cameras and the recorder. Also some of the worlds top CCTV brands are Hikvision, Dauha, Avigilon, Bosch, Panasonic etc. Not to mention to be extra vigilant if you are told the Cameras are Sony (Sony don’t make CCTV cameras, they manufacture a CCD which is a component of a CCTV Camera.
  3. Ask how your Home CCTV System will be installed i.e. where will the recorder be located etc.
  4. Don’t forget to ask to have remote internet access set up on your Smart Phone & PC etc.
  5. If opting for a standard resolution system, make sure your DVR will record at D1 quality @ 25FPS. Then If opting for a Megapixel Camera System, check that the NVR can record at the same quality as the cameras on each channel.
Residential CCTV

Why Alertwatch?

CCTV Security Solutions by AlertWatch – Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick & Throughout Ireland

AlertWatch supply and install CCTV Systems in Ireland which range from a small 1 camera installation to large industrial installations. To enumerate our customers are varied and include Schools, cafes, shops, offices, logistical companies, apartment blocks, housing estates etc. We also install and supply Home CCTV Systems which are specifically designed for your home.

Infra Red Dome Camera

Our most popular camera is our Infra Red Dome Camera. This camera provides you with a high resolution (600TVL) picture. For the purpose of allow you obtain a quality colour picture daytime and a clear black & white picture at night time that’s allow you to identify people.

H264 Digital Video – 3 Months Video Storage

To point out, all H264 Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are user friendly that’s allows you to instantly search for incidents but yet still provides you with the latest CCTV technology available. The DVR will record up to 3 months CCTV video footage. Then will automatically erase the oldest video that is no longer required to be stored on the hard drive.

Online Remote Access

We can set up Online Remote Access to your CCTV system via your existing broadband provider. Not only will you then be able to access the CCTV System from any PC in the premises, you can also view the CCTV cameras from any location in the world. (Now available on the IPhone, Samsung Galaxy etc)

Full Training & Support

We provide full training and support on the day of installation and also on an ongoing basis

3 Year Warranty

We provide a full 3 year warranty on all DVR’s and two years on all cameras

Free Phone Survey, Demo & Site Survey

Call the AlertWatch team today for more information on this and other offers, why not avail of a free phone survey, demo or site survey?

Residential CCTV

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