CCTV Myths: Busting All Misleading Information

CCTV Myths

There are a number of CCTV myths, large and small, surrounding surveillance technology. Some may have been true in the past but new technology or a change in the way we live has meant they are no longer true. In this article, we go over 6 of the most common CCTV myths.

Myth 1: Wireless CCTV is More Advanced

Wireless cameras still present challenges and weaknesses in security not found in hardwired CCTV systems. The idea of CCTV being wireless is enough to convince many consumers that the technology in the cameras is more advanced but this is not necessarily the case.

Generally wireless CCTV cameras have limited options when it comes to lenses and due to the frequency they use. Most of them can have their signal disrupted by common items such as phone, microwaves and baby monitors. They are vulnerable to hackers and above all they are not entirely wireless as they use wires for a power source.

Myth 2: CCTV Costs too Much

In the past CCTV was expensive and was used only for commercial properties or the very rich and famous people. However, technology has developed rapidly in recent years and the price of a basic system has reduced to a level that is affordable for the majority of homeowners.

Not only is a CCTV system now affordable but installing one may also reduce your annual home insurance premium. Also, with CCTV being a great deterrent your insurance premium should reduce in the long term as you are making no claims.

Myth 3: You Can Get a Friend to Install it Cheaply

Yes, this is true but you pay for what you get.

By contracting a security professional company to install your CCTV you benefit from:

  • A good quality equipment
  • Hidden cabling and a neat installation
  • Only film what you are allowed to legally film
  • Metal cameras that are waterproof, not cheap plastic
  • Set up of the monitoring system correctly so that you aren’t vulnerable to hackers
  • Support when you need it
  • Cameras situated in the best locations to be a deterrent

Myth 4: CCTV is Not Effective

Having a working CCTV system cannot guarantee that you won’t be burgled. However, statistics prove that you are more likely to be targeted if you don’t have any home security. A CCTV system is a proven method of crime prevention.

CCTV is effective specially for vulnerable homes such as those that lie empty all day or for long periods of time if you travel often, or are away on business. With CCTV, not only is it a deterrent but you can monitor your property from your phone wherever you may be. A working CCTV system will increase the chance of the criminals being witnessed, prosecuted and you getting your possessions returned.

Myth 5: Security Systems Are Difficult to Use

For anyone that is not particularly tech-savvy, you may feel the need to install CCTV in your home. But possibly feel that it might be too complicated to use. Nowadays CCTV footage is very simple to monitor, you can set up your security system to view any activity at your home by logging into your phone, computer, or through your TV.

Myth 6: A CCTV Systems is All That I Need to Protect my Property

Although we can’t emphasise the benefits of having a high-quality CCTV system at your home. This will not magically make it impossible for criminals to target you. One way to improve your chances is to pair your CCTV system with an Intruder alarm. These home security options work very well together and are a huge deterrent for any opportunist thieves.

An intruder alarm not only causes the burglar to panic and flee the scene, but it also gives your neighbours the signal that something is wrong. If call the Gardai as soon as the burglary begins then, there is a much greater chance to caught the criminal.


Hopefully by dispelling these six myths we have helped you find a better CCTV system than if you were to believe these common misconceptions.

If you are have interest in find out more about CCTV Systems for your home, contact our experts today. Our team will be happy to provide free advice and a no-obligation quote for your requirements.

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