Till Fraud

With over 60 years experience amongst our specialist security surveyors, we have the expertise to combat Till Fraud in Your Business.

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The Main Types of Retail Fraud to Watch Out For:


An accomplice (‘sweetheart’) presents expensive items for purchase at a cash register. The till operator rings up all the items – but at a lower price than the real prices, or an alternative is the till operator fails to register the items altogether. This type of loss shows up later as ‘stock shrinkage’.

 No Sales/Void

‘No sales’ purchases accumulate a cash surplus in the till, which is then removed by the end of the shif by an employee. ‘No sales’ should be exceptional items, and should be checked by management, routinely and in particular towards the end of a shift. This however makes heavy demands on management time – which gives rogue staff the opportunity they are looking for. Voids are a variation of ‘no sale’, with a genuine purchase cancelled after the client had left the premises. The surplus is removed from the till by shift end.

 Returns and Refunds

Items of stock are removed from the shelves in a food store and presented to the check out for refund. Cash is paid to an accomplice (sweetheart) or to the till operator.

 Substitute Scanning

Where checkouts are equipped with bar-code scanning devices, the operator passes two items over the scanning device at one time so that only one item is recorded, (normally the low value item).

  • You can link the majority of  Cash Registers to a CCTV System (Closed Circuit TV) to Protect Your Business against till fraud.   This allows you to monitor the sales transactions of your goods/services, which provides good inventory control and protects against theft.
  • Linking your cash register with a CCTV Camera is a great deterrent against employee theft.  Recording the transactions provides both the owner and the employee with proof of how a sale was handled.  Making employees aware that their actions are being recorded will greatly reduce most types of cashier theft.
  • One of the main advantages of connecting the cash register to the CCTV system is the ability to make a permanent link between video of the transaction and the sales receipt.  A copy of the sales receipt is super imposed on the camera image.  The search function of the recorder enables you to locate a specific transaction and have all of the details available in one spot.
  • In the event of a robbery, a CCTV system can provide the GARDA with proof of the crime and the identity of the robber. Many times, when confronted with a thief or robber, a clerk or other witness can become confused and be unable to property describe the offender. Having the entire incident on tape provides an accurate description and decreases the likelihood of misidentifying the perpetrator.
  • The main beneficiary of this type of CCTV system is a retail business with constant stock losses.  A business that hires many low paid employees, or that hires temporary or contract staff, would also benefit.  In reality, it is difficult to find any retail establishment that would not benefit from having their cash register linked into a CCTV system.
  • AlertWatch can link your cash register to your CCTV system.

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