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In order to monitoring a premises or yard etc, a monitoring station requires a visual of the intruder on the property to enable them verify a genuine alarm activation.

Traditionally many cameras were installed to enable the operative in the monitoring station to track the intruder on the premises and give out an audible warning.

Together with the introduction of megapixel cameras, one camera can now view a large vast area. in the following video clip of the 1 megapixel Vivotek IP Camera you can see an example of that.

CCTV monitoring

The Main Components that make up a Remote CCTV Monitoring Service are:

  • CCTV Cameras that provide excellent Night time view located in the best positions to enable the monitoring station to locate an intruder with ease. In case of its difficult to cable, Wireless CCTV Cameras is a great solution.
  • Connect a DVR to Broadband to provide seamless Remote CCTV View. So that operatives in the monitoring Control Centre.
  • Connect the External Beams to the CCTV System. When the beam cross, will provide a remote alert to the Monitoring Centre. In order to alert the monitoring station staff with an immediate pop up of live footage of the intruders. Then ideally place the beams around the perimeter of the property. Consequently where this is not possible detection beams can be placed on the building where they would operate in a normal way spanning a certain area. This is probably the most important aspect of the system as the monitoring station becomes aware of an intrusion when a beam is broken. Wireless detectors are available in point to point beams and as normal PIR detectors, this is especially advantageous where it is difficult to run cables.
  • An audio system is installed and connected to the CCTV System this allows the monitoring station to verbally warn off the intruder and let them know the GARDAI have been notified of the intrusion whilst still viewing the live footage of the intruders from the monitoring station. In conclusion 97% of most cases the audio warning is enough to deter criminal activity.

Remote CCTV Monitoring Equipment Required for a Typical Small CCTV Installation

Apollo 4- Channel HD DVR with the following specification

  • Simultaneous, real time digital recording from up to 4 cameras
  • Pentaplex: view, record, archive locally, view and record remotely
  • H264 compression
  • TCP/IP control through Remote Client software
  • Search via time/date, motion or alarm
  • Password protection
  • Built in 500GB hard drive as standard
  • Back up via USB
  • Operating system Linux

Bosch Amplifier (45W max loudspeaker output and 4 microphone inputs)

Bosch Horn Speaker (15W max power)

GJD  Elite External PIR (Red / White)

  • 10 to 35m range (adjustable)
  • 90° detection angle.
  • Fresnel lens with 36 zones and white light filter.
  • Double silicone shielded dual element eliminates 50,000 Lux of white light.
  • 2 N/O N/C outputs with separate adjustable timers & 2 open collector outputs with separate alarm periods.
  • Weather Proof Rating of IP55 & High impact ABS housing.

Sony 1/3″ CCD Bodied Cameras

  • Infra Red
  • Built in Digital Signal Processor
  • High resolution of 650TVL with Crystal Clear Images, available with wide angle lens or longer range lens.

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CCTV Monitoring

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