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If you require CCTV but don’t want anybody to be aware of the fact you’re recording. Covert Cameras is the CCTV surveillance solution for you. At AlertWatch we provide hidden CCTV Cameras in devices such as Alarm PIR detectors, Smoke Detectors, Water Sprinklers and Clocks. We even have outdoor Covert Cameras combined with security lighting which provide excellent covert security surveillance.

Covert Cameras installation is the same way as a normal CCTV Camera and connect back to a DVR Recorder. You can view the recorded footage at your convenience. Also live footage can be streamed on your PC or iPhone, iPad etc without anyone’s knowledge. Please see all of our Covert CCTV Cameras detailed below.

If you require a quick fix solution to a problem you are experience in your home or business. You can decide to install a Covert Camera with on board recording. With 10 meter night vision this mini Covert Camera system will provide crystal clear images during the day and night.  The main component of this camera is a Sony 1/3″ Super HAD CCD that’s provide recognition quality and identification images. The on board DVR unit has built in motion detection and an alarm mode. An SD Card provide Local record and the Camera can connect to any TV or computer. Also we provide remote access that you can control and view the footage from anywhere. Moreover this Covert camera is ideal as a temporary solution. For stock rooms or for just about any situation that may need covert camera and it is really simple to install.

Covert CCTV

Not to mention, you can install this Smoke Detector Covert Camera on a ceiling in a commercial or domestic environment. It utilises a Sony 1/3″ CCD with a pinhole lens. With a high resolution of 520TVL and a fixed wide angle 3.6mm lens. This camera its also used to obtain recognition once located near the desired target. This camera it’s easy to install on a false ceiling or alternatively a cable can be ran across the ceiling. Although the camera can be located in a corner this would not be the normal location of a smoke detector.

As a illustration, some of our customers e.g. in the restaurant industry want the flexibility of being able to locate a camera anywhere on the premises without the knowledge of either their staff or customers. This camera meets both requirements. It comes with audio on board, a wide 3.7mm lens and 420TVL resolution. You can place it on the ceiling in any area of the premises. In conclusion, the main benefit of this camera over the other covert cameras is that staff won’t question the installation of an additional water sprinkler, where as they may question an additional PIR detector in an area where one already exists.

Covert CCTV

This Pinhole Covert Camera is extremely popular because of its extremely small size (it is about 1/3 the size of a business card) and its high 600TVL resolution. If you don’t want to, or are unable to locate a camera over a cash register, you should think about locating one of these cameras in the till over the cash tray, it only needs a tiny hole to see and identify all the notes. This will even work in a dark bar/nightclub environment because there is always light at the till itself. When combined with a till scan system which will overlay and record all transactions onto the DVR Recorder.

You can be certain of being able to address problems as they happen in your business. This Covert Camera can also be hidden in a ceiling, as a small pinhole is all that’s required to allow the camera to view the desired area.

This Covert Camera is built into an LED Security Light. The light itself provides 114 units of white light, the camera has a wide view with a built in 3.6mm lens and a high resolution of 520TVL. An ideal use for this Covert Camera is the front or back of a house in place of an existing security light. This camera is also ideal as a back-up camera to an overt camera e.g. if you are concerned someone may try to damage your overt camera, this camera could be installed to catch that person. The adjust of the LED light can stay on from 5 seconds up to 12 minutes. Without the LED light the camera will see up to 15 meters in darkness. You can easily install the camera on ceiling or wall.

Colour Junction Box And Thermostat Camera

This hidden CCTV Covert camera in a Junction box is best fitted  on a wall. It comes with a tiny pinhole to view persons approaching the camera. The camera has a Sony 1/3″ CCD and a high resolution of 540TVL. The pinhole is 2.5mm and can be located on an internal or external wall as it has an outdoor rating of IP65. The camera will also see in low light down to .25 lux.

With automatic gain control and an electric shutter function. You will be able to capture persons moving quickly on front of the camera without any blurring.

Covert CCTV

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