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Alertwatch Security are now offering GDPR compliant video redaction services throughout Ireland for business and home CCTV Systems. Due to changes in GDPR legislation it has become more difficult for CCTV system owners to provide CCTV footage to third parties because under the Data Protection Act and to comply with GDPR, personal identifiable information and data within video images must be redacted.

We can offer full or partial blurring of persons, vehicles etc from any type of video media or any CCTV brand. This is required for the persons, objects etc that are not relevant to the relevant incident within the evidence. All CCTV data given to us if taken away will be stored securely whilst the redaction process takes place. Once our engineers have completed the redaction process, an external portable device will issued back to you with the latest secure technology i.e. password protected.

CCTV Redaction is a service now available to all existing Alertwatch clients and we can carry out this work at your premises or home if requested rather than taking away the footage. We offer redaction of CCTV images through the following avenues:

  • A nominal call out rate when you have HIK Central
  • A discounted rate per minute for Maintenance clients
  • A once off fee, chargeable per minute of footage redacted

We can provide CCTV redaction in the following areas:

  • Pixelated face(s), licenses plates and house numbers
  • Blur out any identifiable objects/ features
  • Any information that will identify a person
  • Nudity

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CCTV Security Solutions by AlertWatch – Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick & Throughout Ireland

  1. When you call us one of our experienced surveyors will go through a process of Q&A with you to establish the best solution that meets your requirements.
  2. In 8 out of 10 cases we will then be able to phone you back with a verbal quotation for the system that best suits your needs and talk you through all the main features and benefits of the CCTV system.
  3. We can then have a full quotation emailed to you along with all relevant specifications.
  4. In most cases we will then arrange a survey in case there may be some adjustments to the quotation which would not have been apparent over the phone.

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