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Call us today, our experienced team at Alert Watch is committed to offering the market’s leading CCTV installation services. We have worked with hundreds of clients across Ireland in creating long-term solutions to their security challenges using our expertise in CCTV technology.

Our Service

Our service includes step-by-step installation of your comprehensive CCTV system. Also we offer a complete range of cameras from which to select, including PTZ cameras, covert cameras, wireless systems and more.

We’ll begin with a consultation and guide you regarding the options for your property. Then we’ll complete the installation process professionally within a short time frame to minimise the disruption to the building.

Why professional installation?

In first place, professional installation of your CCTV system can give you peace of mind. Then when you turn to AlertWatch, you’ll know that the work has been completed effectively. And that you can speak to a specialist at any time of the day to discuss the operation of your CCTV equipment.

For the workplace, we offer a number of CCTV options that are designed to protect the business and its employees. In light of keep your staff safe and ensure that your business environment is protected around the clock. Our CCTV equipment is also designed to give you access to remote footage. Due to help business owners keep control of their company. Even when they’re away from their desk.

Alert Watch is Your Trusted, Experienced Installation Expert

It’s the ultimate service for a broad range of building security requirements. To discover more about our CCTV installation options and our experience as a company, contact us today. We can arrange a consultation to discuss equipment options with you.

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