The Best CCTV Cameras for Protecting Your Home

Everyone want to feel safe in their home. From putting up garden walls, keeping a dog, people have been looking for ways to feel safe at home.

Security CCTV cameras have become a common feature in many houses. People have taken the camera’s public use – to reduce the rate of crime in the city – and brought them into their houses as a means of protection for their families and their belongings.

Uses of CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV security cameras can cover more than just your front door. Below are some ways CCTV security cameras can be used to make your home more secure:

  • seeing who is at the front door or back door before opening it
  • Protecting your children by installing nanny cams
  • Safe proofing your garage from potential thieves
  • Securing off-street windows and entrances
  • Add extra eyes at the pool, sandstone patio, and play areas

Below are some important factors that need to be considered before buying and installing your cameras.

Resolution and Field of View

You have to make sure that you choose the right resolution for your camera for a clear image. Generally, many cameras have the standard 1080p and most cameras that get installed at homes make use of digital zoom which works wonderfully if the camera has more megapixels. The more the megapixels in a camera, the easier, better and clearer the digital zoom will be. The field of view is also important as you have to consider how big the area you want to monitor is.

Where to Place the Camera

Where you place, your camera is determined with the area to be covered. If it is an indoor camera, then there are many cameras that can work well. But if you want to install a camera outside, you should consider how much a certain camera can withstand elements such as strong winds, rainfall, snow, sun and the extremities of summer and winter.

How It Stays Connected

Gone are the days when cameras recorded into a VCR.  Many cameras rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to stay connected. Better yet, there are apps that connect a person to their security cameras and they can monitor whatever is happening at their houses on their smart devices.

Video Storage

The cumbersome VCR has been ditched and home security footage is stored in microSD card slots, VCRs, or a remotely accessed cloud service.

The Price

When considering installing a home camera we all need a system that will be friendly to our pockets. Purchasing the camera itself is one thing, but then you should consider things like additional costs for installing and maintaining it. Have a look at our home CCTV packages.

Recording at Night

The night vision abilities of your camera should be good enough to distinguish a face in the dark.

Movement Trigger

Better known as motion detection, your camera should be able to send you a message or notification when it detects movement in and around your house. By doing so, you will be able to cut short anything that appears suspicious.

Indoor Cameras

  1. QVIS & Samsung

Both are great quality CCTV cameras, with great resolution and there are no problems when it comes to the clarity of the images recorded. The cameras are quite friendly to the pocket too and easy to install.

  1. Nest Cam

This camera comes with a very high resolution, two-way talkback capabilities and x8 digital zoom. The Nest Cam is a little on the expensive side and does not pan or tilt but has a field of view that spans 130°.

Outdoor Cameras

  1. AL 700, 1000, 300 and 3000

These are great CCTV cameras for home usage with day night capabilities, ability to change lens, they will provide a clear picture in darkness up to 30 meters.

Of course, there are many other brands out there, all you have to do is look around our website and choose one that will fit with your budget and the type of security you need.

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