Apollo DVR CCTV System With Internet Access

The Apollo DVR

The Apollo 4 Channel DVR, 8 Channel DVR or 16 Channel DVR used in conjunction with high quality Infrared CCTV cameras makes for an excellent outdoor CCTV System and will comprehensively ensure the security of your home or business. Unlike other CCTV Systems, the Apollo DVR can be easily connected to your existing broadband and remotely viewed through its unique PSS software or the Internet Explorer Website Interface. If you are unsure how to set up your broadband router, Google “portforward” and the router name and you should get instructions. Alternatively call a reputable CCTV supplier, most will be only too glad to help.

Apollo DVR iPhone App

You normally need to check that an app exists that is compatible with your CCTV system but because the Apollo DVR has its own unique App called DMSS and is free of charge you won’t encounter a problem. You can download the app by keying in DMSS on your iPhone. Some apps claim to be universal, however this is not always the case. As such, it is always best to use an app that is recommended by the CCTV manufacturer. The app should allow the user to monitor and adjust the CCTV cameras although you will need an optical zoom function on the actual CCTV camera to do this.

Setting up an app is not always straight forward. You will need your IP address as well as passwords, port numbers and other technical information. The specifics may not be known by the user, so being able to get technical assistance for the app is crucial. This may be provided through the manufacturer of the app directly or through your CCTV provider. With the Apollo DVR DMSS iPhone App you simply enter your IP address and give the account a name e.g. Home or Work etc, that’s it you’re done.

The best app will be one that works well on both wireless and cellular networks. When away from the office, you will not always be on a wireless network. This may be a time when viewing the CCTV footage is essential. If the app will not run or functions poorly over a cellular network, it is not going to be the most useful program. The Apollo DMSS iPhone App will take a little longer to connect over the 3G cellular network but still provides more than adequate viewing facility.

Before investing in a new CCTV System it is essential to check out what broadband levels are specifically required to operate the CCTV System from a remote location and also check your current broadband speed levels, this will save a lot of pain down the road. With the Apollo DVR you will need a minimum upload speed of.5 MB but 1 MB will allow you obtain superb functionality from your CCTV System in a remote location.

AlertWatch specialise in the installation and supply of CCTV Systems (Including the Apollo DVR) throughout Ireland and the UK. Should you require any information, support or help on any aspect of CCTV surveillance we would love to hear from you.
This article was written by Dawn L Richardson


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