Alertwatch CCTV Ireland – Preventing Anti Social Behaviour in Ireland

People behave in a more socially acceptable way when they feel that they may be being watched. This is the reason why Alertwatch CCTV Cameras work so well in places where people may act in an anti social way.  CCTV can be used in all types of buildings from small businesses to homes to large office blocks/municipal areas.AL-7000

Studies have shown that CCTV Systems are very effective at deterring anti social behaviour.   These studies have found that car parks are one of the main beneficiaries of a CCTV system, and results in a 51% decrease in crime.  Similarly, introducing a CCTV system onto public transportation results in a 25% decrease in crime.  The areas least affected were open public spaces as many people thought that the cameras would not be able to catch an accurate picture of them in the act.

These types of CCTV system are designed to be visible and therefore act as a deterrent.  There are also some Alertwatch CCTV systems that are not visible.  These types of systems work to avert crimes by alarm or voice activated warnings. They are also very good to use at sites such as ATMs.

Written by Philip Mullins

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