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Conventional Fire Alarms

Conventional fire alarm systems are designed to meet the needs of a relatively small or low cover system requirement. These systems offer a simple, cost effective and reliable solution for smaller installations, such as small business premises.

Addressable Fire Alarms

Analogue addressable fire alarm systems are “intelligent” systems that are a natural choice for larger installations and more complex systems. These provide far greater system information to the customer in comparison with conventional fire alarms.

 All inspections and servicing are carried out in accordance with the relevant Irish Standards.


 By maintaining ongoing field assessments, health and safety and manufacturers training programmes, we aim to ensure that the ongoing maintenance of your Fire System meets our demanding standards of quality and assurance and provide you with the confidence of knowing you have a fully operational life or property safety system in times of potential emergency.

 At AlertWatch Security we aim to meet the ongoing needs and requirements of all our customers, ensuring that life and property safety systems meet all legislative requirements and carry out the function for which they were designed.

We also install communicators which are monitored by our partner Fire System Repairs Alarm Monitoring Centre, ensuring a rapid response from the emergency services in the event of a fire alarm activation.

Maintenance and service are vital elements in ensuring any fire or security system remains effective and trouble free in operation in order that the integrity of the system is preserved at all times. We offer a comprehensive 24Hr, 365 days a year emergency service facility with highly trained engineers available to assist with technical support, enquiries, or if necessary, attend the site to rectify any problems.

Fire Risk Assessments

At AlertWatch when we carry out a Fire Risk Assessment we will assess:

  1. The fire hazards
  2. The risks of those hazards
  3. The people at risk
  4. The type of risk involved

We will then outline measures for managing the risk effectively.

Our initial visit starts with a Fire Risk Assessment, this involves a comprehensive assessment of the building. Based on the results of the assessment we can then design, install or replace any faulty fire alarm equipment to ensure the building complies with Fire Regulations. We then develop an ongoing maintenance plan in accordance with your requirements and relevant regulations.

Preventative maintenance is critical and essential for even the best designed and installed equipment. Just as the most reliable and best engineered car is only as reliable as the quality and regularity of the servicing it receives so are electronic systems such as sound and fire detection. Regular maintenance will minimise system breakdown, improve system performance, extend service life and even reduce insurance premiums.

Fire Safety Audits:

Our Fire Safety Audit will outline the main areas of non-compliance and will advise on what action is required to ensure compliance with Building Regulations / Best Practice in order to protect occupants of the building and the operating business itself. We endeavour to provide the most cost effective and least intrusive Fire Engineering Solutions to meet our clients requirements.

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