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AlertWatch are PSA Licensed and NSAI certified for install and maintain intruder alarm systems in Ireland. That is to say we maintain all the major brand leaders in intruder technology including HKC, VanderBilt and UTC (formally GE Security).

In view of to install an alarm system for your home, AlertWatch can design a system to suit your exact needs. To clarify all of our new intruder alarm systems can take both wired and wireless equipment.

In other words if you want upgrade your old home alarm system. You can upgrade the panel, replace wired sensors with wireless sensors (where wiring is damaged). Also replace old existing wired sensors with new sensors, keeping the cost to a minimum.

New AX PRO Hikvision

Introducing Hikvision’s AX PRO wireless alarm system to help boost the security of your home or business. Simple setup, powerful protection bringing peace of mind every day, all day.

Key features of the AX PRO wireless alarm system

  • The industry leading AX PRO hub which allows a single installation integrate up to 210 detectors.
  • AX PRO Intrusion Verification-as-a-Service (IVaaS) which provides live video verification based on 7 seconds of video recording so users can quickly confirm alarm events on their system. Support for IP cameras and infrared motion detectors
  • Anti-jamming security with signal hopping across up to 50 frequencies to protect the integrity of the system
  • Long-range data transmission: up to 2,000m using Tri-X wireless technology
  • Communication stability: two RF modules
  • Hik-ProConnect support: flexible linking of other Hikvision devices
  • Data loss protection: support for two SIM cards

The AX PRO System has a great design and easy to install, to use, and to maintain. Also the extended lifespan of the components and longer battery life deliver the best experience for both installers and the users. 


Another key point is you can easily operate the whole alarm system using the mobile app. Fast response from installers and 24/7 cloud service combines to create the most professional experience.

The whole system is fully compliant with EN grade 2 and products are certified by Telefication. Choose AX PRO, choose peace of mind.

Wireless Home security systems

A complete fully integrated Wireless Panel using HKC’s SecureWave, two way technology. Moreover, ideal for residential and small commercial applications.

Along with integrated keypad, communicator, and siren, installation will be quick and easy. Also aesthetically pleasing it can be mounted anywhere in the premises.


  • Self-Contained control panel with on board keypad
  • Suitable for Residential and small Commercial premises
  • Up to 70 RF Zones and 32 Users
  • On board internal siren
  • Digital Communicator with Text Messaging, Speech Dialler and Modem on board ADSL Filer on board
  • Optional GSM / GPRS plug on Communicator
  • Extensive Voice Library
  • En Grade 2
  • Irish Garda & UK Police Compliant
  • BS8243 / PD6662 Compliant

Wired Home security systems

Another key point, we also offer hard wired domestic intruder alarm systems. As a result tend to suit very well to new builds, renovation projects and existing premises with suitable architecture and decoration.

To clarify, remote access are available for these systems if required.

What can an AlertWatch Alarm System do for you?

  1. Protect you and your family whilst in your home or away from your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  2. Design an alarm system that suits your specific needs and lifestyle we can virtually eliminate false activation on your alarm system.
  3. Use only the highest quality EN50131 compliant equipment and PSA licensed engineers. Consequently we install your alarm system to the highest standard.
  4. Your alarm system will come with a free wireless key fob. So that allows you to turn on and off your alarm and a panic button. If remotely monitored the panic button could be set as a silent panic alarm but still sending the alarm to the monitoring station. The alarm monitoring operative can phone the GARDAI immediately.
  5. You can be alerted on your mobile phone if an intrusion has been detected
  6. All AlertWatch alarm systems can also be remotely monitored at a very competitive rate

Not to mention, there are two main designs of intruder alarm systems, Perimeter & Trap. In Ireland most home alarm systems are wired for a perimeter type alarm, i.e. all of the vulnerable windows are protected with vibration shock sensors, the doors are protected with contact/shock sensors and the perimeter alarm system is backed up with passive infrared motion detectors.

A trap system will consist of contact sensors on all doors and passive infrared motion detectors located in all strategic areas. Also this type of system is not always suitable for all home owners because the majority of the system cannot be set whilst in your home.

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