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Wide range of audio and video intercom systems which can be designed for your requirements

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At AlertWatch, we have a wide range of intercom systems which can be designed for your requirements. Anything from a standalone Audio system, to a full network integrated system.

Audio / Video Intercom Network System

Hikvision Intercom

The video door entry system from Hikvision enables you to see, talk and answer your door bell via Hik Connect Mobile Application. The audio/ Video system consist of  the outdoor video calling  unit and the internal touchscreen tablet.

The external door phone communicates with the indoor station with a built-in microphone and speaker that uses noise suppression and echo cancellation for a clear sound.

The indoor station from Hikvision has easy to use elegant tablet design that uses 1.3MP camera and built in micro phone and speaker.

Residents can communicate with other stations via video or audio call.  You can even add additional indoor stations to the system, allowing you to have view who’s at the door/ gate from other locations.

Hikvision Two-Wire Video Intercom

Hikvision Two-Wire Video system

HikVision’s latest addition to intercom systems is the new two wire video intercom, allowing to swap out an older system and getting a full HD overview at the door or a gate and also connected to network which allows you to answer the call directly from the phone.

In a scenario you would have a gate, the video system can be connected to gate control and allow you to remotely open gate for the delivery guy or a guest.

Audio Intercom Systems

Audio Comelit Systems

The Comlit 5 Wire Audio Intercom comes in a kit with 1 external call station and up to 3 handsets can be added (bigger systems can be priced and built on request). A caller simply presses the call station button which sends an electric tone to the intercom handset. Installation is also available with this product. An identical Kit can be supplied in a 2 wire system, this facilitates the upgrade of intercom systems where only 2 wires (2 cores of the cable) is available.

The two wire intercom can only have a maximum of 2 handsets in this kit format, but systems can be built for larger scale intercom installationsIf there is no way of getting a cable from your external intercom unit to your internal handset, a Wireless intercom may be the option for you. Because an audio intercom is so cost effective people often tend to install a CCTV Camera as additional security at the front of their home or business or alternatively a Comelit Genius Video Intercom System can be installed as described below.

Audio Intercom Systems for Multi Units

Audio Intercom Systems for Multi Units

If you need the facility to call seperate commercial units from the external intercom door

station or different family’s in apartments this is the system for you. This Comelit Power code intercom System allows visitors to call the family or business by pressing the relevant button, they can speak to the occupant and be granted access.

This system has integrated coded access so the occupants of the building can access their property by keying in their unique code in to the keypad on the external intercom call station. The intercom system can be custom built according to the quantity of users required. The external call station can be surface mounted or flush mounted depending on the application.

Hikvision Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Hikvision Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The doorbell will make sure you don’t miss a visitor, and can have a great impact on small businesses.

It uses wi-fi to connect to the Hik-Connect app, meaning that when the doorbell rings, the user can see who is there, speak to them and even set up an alarm through the app on their smart phone.

Giving a 180 viewing angle and noise suppression and echo cancellation, the doorbell gives users an optimum environment to make an access decision. It has a number of useful features, including motion detection and voice prompt support to cover every eventuality that could be needed on the doorstep. It can push an alarm to the user’s app, for example when a motion detection is triggered. A recording function can also kick in, saving the data to its SD card storage, to help keep the building safe.

Applications include homes, apartment blocks, small shops or buildings that are away from the site entrance (for example when taking a delivery). This would prove very valuable to small businesses, since it could mean not turning away a customer. There are also applications in other sectors – for example, it could help doctor’s surgeries to deal with emergency patients out of hours.

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