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Access Control

Access Control Management – Restrict how and when people enter or exit an area

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Hikvision Access Control systems provide security by restricting access to certain areas within your business. This is done by restricting who enters through a door, turnstile, gate , barrier etc.

AlertWatch are PSA Licenced and NSAI Certified to install Access Control Systems in your business. All companies installing access control must be PSA licenced, this became law in Ireland in October 2012.

Access control


Complete, end-to-end solutions, from cameras to access controllers, from alarm relays to IP architecture, from door locks to DVRs, and more. The need for perimeter security, both indoor and outdoor, grows every day.

In an organisation when you want to restrict how and when people enter or exit an area or multiple areas. Specific security needs will determine how to accomplish this.

Whether they are coming in or going out, you have complete control with Hikvision’s Access Control system.

Access control System

A complete access control system consists of an access controller, exit button, lock, and software platform, along with any other needed accessories.

Hikvision’s Access Control System Features:

  • Access controller that downloads information from software, including the person ID, card number and permissions. Granting access to specified personnel at assigned times.
  • Card readers to gather identifying information when a user is verified. The reader then sends the user card information to controllers, and completes the verification process.
  • Fingerprint reader identifies user directly when pressed, sends and saves the user ID and records to controllers. In order to completes the verification process. 
  • Door sensors that retrieve door status – When a door’s status is abnormal, an alarm will be triggered. And a notification sent to management software.
  • Software to manage real – time events and monitor device status, as well as link up with other Hikvision devices.
Access Control


The use of face recognition in access control and time attendance is an inevitable trend. Which creates advantageous “touch-free” experience.

With advanced deep learning technology and practical functions, Hikvision MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals bring better security and improved efficiency to access control and time attendance tracking, making them easier than ever!

Key Features:

  • Up to 10,000 faces Capacity
  • Deep Learning Algorithm inside
  • Face Recognition Accuracy Rate > 99%
  • Multiple Authentication Modes 
  • Face Recognition Distance: 0.3m – 1m

Combining Temperature Screening technology and Access Control. Alertwatch now has a solution that’s allow you to monitor your entrances. Coupled with the latest HikVision’s touche free MinMoe touch-free access control temperature screening solution.

If recognise an elevated skin-surface temperature, entry will be denied. Prompting the individual to seek further confirmation using clinical measurement devices before entering.

Along with mask detection and audio broadcasting will help to keep safe you and your friends, family and colleagues.

Bluetooth Touchless Access Control 

Access Control System
  • It is ideal, cost effective single door solution to overcome the challenges that COVID-19 to communities and businesses.
  • Bluetooth enabled smarthphones: offer an effective from of contactless/frictionless access control. It also provide a remote method of deploying new cards/credentials.
  • Touch-free request to exit (RTE) buttons: operate on infra-red technology that’s allows open doors without touching. The use of Electronic Access Control is now more than a means to prevent criminal activity.

It’s now a key tool for businesses with smart and reliable strategies. In fact will help create a safer environment for staffs and visitors. In any event, Alertwatch are there to support you on every step of the journey.

Face recognition

Advantages of Access Control Systems

  1. Access Restricted- You can program the system to allow certain users to enter some areas and not other areas. Persons can also be restricted to enter areas only at designated times. Obviously other users can be allowed to enter all locations at all times.
  2. Track Access – Keys are also anonymous. Access Control create a detailed audit trail. So you know exactly whose card opened each door and when. This can provide you with critical information before and after an incident. The system can also email alarms on access violations to authorised personnel for immediate review and action. It will also collate the information and produce management reports as to who has been through which areas and when.
  3. Automating – Systems can automatically lock a door or gate each evening at a certain time and unlock it at another time. They can also automatically interface with other Building Control Systems e.g. To release some or all doors in the event of a Fire Alarm Activation.
  4. Replacing Keys – Managing keys can be a nightmare. If you use a different key for every door it can be cumbersome to carry them and time consuming to look for the right key. Keys are easily lost or duplicated and past employees often do not return keys. Access control systems eliminate this concern by deleting the card from the system to deny the former user access. In some cases its possible change the access can from an off site location.
  5. Visual Verification – By including colour coded distinctive badges access systems can readily identify visitors, temporary employees, contractors and regular full time employees. Also including a photo of the user on the credential you can help building occupants know the card user is the person to whom it was issued.
  6. Compliance with Health & Safety Regulations – Helps organisations comply with Health and Safety regulations. That’s allow supervisors to view real-time reports showing who is on site at any particular time. The system can set to release all doors, turnstiles and gate-entry systems. In the event of an emergency so in the event of an emergency such as a Fire Alarm the system will automatically release all controlled door.
Access Control system

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