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CCTV Security Solutions by AlertWatch – Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick & Throughout Ireland

Alertwatch was formed with the aim of providing honest advice to those whom are thinking about the installation or upgrade of a CCTV System. Our job is to let you tap into the vast CCTV knowledge we have built up throughout the years.

When you contact one of our senior experienced staff. Our first job is to identify what you want to achieve regards to CCTV Security System. Do you want to monitor staff when you are away from your business.

Or do you want to monitor your driveway where your car is parked. Also if you require all your till transactions recorded on to a video camera. In reality there are over a hundred reasons why CCTV Cameras are installed at a premises or home.

Once the reasons and the desired outcomes have been established. We can then advise on the type of CCTV equipment needed. At AlertWatch we can supply any brand or make of CCTV equipment.

In our experience CCTV manufacturers specifications can be a little misleading or confusing with what they specify, or more to the point what they don’t specify. E.g. if compare two cameras and one camera has infrared capability at night time but the specification of the other camera does not mention infrared, it can be assumed by this that the second camera don’t have infrared capability at all. However, unfortunately the specification wont inform you of this.

It is important that your requirements meet with the best possible CCTV solution whilst also factoring in your budget. A CCTV camera can cost from €100.00 up to €10,000.00 it depends on what you want the camera to achieve. With this in mind, we like to offer more than one option when providing you with a solution that meets your needs.

Why Alertwatch?

Once we have ascertained your requirements, you will then enter a process. Which allows us to provide a fast, reliable, efficient service from the first phone call through to installation and beyond.

At AlertWatch we do our best to keep technical jargon to a minimum when recommending a CCTV System for you, i.e. explain the differences between what CCTV cameras in layman’s terms.

The company’s success to date can be measured by the fact that we now has in excess of 2,000 CCTV customers. Of which more than 1,000 of whom are viewing their business premises and homes over the internet using AlertWatch technology.

The AlertWatch staff has a reputation for being friendly, flexible and obliging to customers and visitors alike. Our surveyors are visiting sites every day providing vital information about CCTV in a friendly way where technical jargon is kept to the bare minimum.

If you have a suggestion as to how we could improve our service or indeed if you are interested in a product which is not listed. Please don’t hesitate to email us at info@alertwatch.ie or call us at 01 689 6390


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