5 Benefits Of Installing an Intruder Alarm In Your Business

Intruder Alarm Systems

Alertwatch have PSA License and NSAI certified for install and maintain intruder alarm systems in Ireland. If you’re aiming to improve security around your business premises, an Intruder Alarm system is essential.

Installing an Intruder Alarm can provide the following 5 benefits:

Safer Working Place

The Intruder Alarm System, it’s a vital element that should be a priority for you and your business. Here’s why:

  • The visible presence of commercial alarm system deters trespassers. Therefore, you can stop theft before it happens by making it obvious your building is protected.
  • If a criminal breaks into your premises, motion sensors will detect intruders. An alarm will sound and alert those in the vicinity.
  • The most sophisticated business alarm systems can send a signal to a nominated person or initiate a police response. The thief’s window of opportunity is narrowed.

With an Intruder Alarm System in place, you also can offer your employees a safer working place, particularly if they work late shifts or non 9-5 hours, when break-ins are more likely to occur.

Intruder Alarm Helps Deter Criminals

The Clear presence of an Alarm System can help dissuade someone with potentially bad intentions from attempting to bring harm to your business. Figures released by the Home Office show that 84% of intruders avoid properties with a clear Intruder Alarm system in place.

Installing an alarm system is an effective way to improve security in your business. It will help deter trespassers from entering your premises. In the event that they break in and enter, the system will detect them and sound an alarm.

Instant Response

We maintain all the Commercial Alarm Systems major brand leaders in Intruder Alarm technology including HKC and UTC (formally GE Security).

You choose a monitored Alarm system, a nominated key holder can be alerted, or the signal is sent to an Alarm Receiving Centre. If part of the service agreement, the ARC can then alert the key holder or initiate a police or security response.

Peace of Mind When You’re Off-site

Most intruders strike in the middle of the night, it is in the early hours when your premises are most at risk. Not all businesses can afford a physical security presence around the clock but alarm systems can still provide protection.

With an Intruder Alarm system in place, you can feel confident and secure when away from your business. With many business closed or unoccupied with people working from home due to the COVID-19. An alarm system can be configured to alert you in the event of a break-in so you’ll know if there is an intruder. You’ll be able to rest easily during the hours when the building is empty.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Installing an Alarm will improve security at your premises and reduce the risk of incidents. As a result, you can often lower your annual insurance premium. The amount your business can save will depend on your provider. However, savings insurance premium is common that much of the cost of commercial security system.

Has your business had problems in the past with false alarms? Alertwatch offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring of your intruder alarm system that provides a complete security solution.

If you are interested in finding out more about Intruder Alarm Systems for your business, contact our experts today. Our team will be happy to provide free advice and a quote for your requirements.

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