4 Tips for Choosing the Best CCTV System for Your Dublin Home

It’s important that you take the time to review the available CCTV options in Dublin for your home. Finding that ideal CCTV system is crucial to achieving optimal home security. Our team specializes in the selection and design of CCTV components. In this latest post, we’ll highlight 4 Tips for choose the best CCTV unit for your Dublin home.

Understand the differences between wired and wireless units

One of the most important decisions you’ll be making when building your CCTV infrastructure is choosing between wired and wireless units. The best CCTV system for your Dublin home could be a combination of both or it could include only wireless or only wired components. The benefit of wired units is the reliability they provide. While wireless units offer flexibility for placement in exterior locations where a mains isn’t available for plugging the camera in.

Choose CCD chips

You will also have to make the decision between choosing cameras with CCD chips or CMOD chips. CMOD chips are lower quality and will produce limited visual clarity through the camera lens. They have poor light sensitivity and might not help you enhance the security around your home. CCD chips are the leading option thanks to their structural integrity and size. Their larger size means higher quality images and videos, but also a slightly higher price.

Select between white and colour

When choosing a CCTV system for your home you’ll also have to select between white and colour options. Black and white options might be ideal for environments with low light, while colour cameras should be used in indoor environments with better lighting conditions.

Consider the experience of the installation team

Before choosing your CCTV unit, make sure you book the services of an installation team with significant experience in the marketplace. The installation team should have a clear understanding of your requirements before you begin, so ensure you book a consultation within your home so they can get a clear sense of the type of system you need.

Our team at Alert Watch is here to guide you in choosing a CCTV unit for your home. To discover more about our options, call us today.

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